Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why just birthing in America puts your baby at higher risk of death, and how to lower that risk

Did you know that simply living in America puts your baby at a higher statistical risk of death than those in any other industrialized country in the world?  Why does this happen, and what can we do?  I love how this video covers the issue, and I look forward to more of you sharing your thoughts on it!

Hire a Midwife! Pictures, Images and Photos


Danielle said...

That was a great video. Thank you for posting it! I decided after the birth of my son last March that I would go with a midwife for the birth of my second child. My ob make me feel so unimportant and nervous through out my entire pregnancy. I wasn't human to them. It was awful.

Lauren Stone said...

Pregnancy and birth are natural biological processes. Hospitals are for the ill and injured, not for healthy people. Unnecessary interventions cost lives.
4 of my 6 children were born at home. The last 2 being solo UC’s. While not everyone’s cup of tea, for me, they were the greatest, most empowering experiences of my life.
Btw, I ♥ LOVE ♥ your blog!

Joy said...

Thank you for this!

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