Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet Milk, Sweet Memories

Breastfeeding a toddler or older child can sure be an adventure!  My nursling is almost 2, and sometimes I feel like a combination jungle gym/vending machine!  Most people in our lives don't understand it, and I could rattle on about the WHO recommendation of at least 2 years, I could list all the many ways that it benefits her body and mind... but all health reasons for full-term breastfeeding aside, I'm still so glad for this special experience, despite how others may degrade it in their minds.

The way my little one exclaims "Beebees!" with such utter glee, the way she smiles while nursing and pats my breast, the way she can slow down her crazy little life and have a peaceful moment with me now and then, the way she giggles and pushes my husband away if he teases her and starts going after my boob... It's all so silly, special, comforting, and yes, occasionally irritating, lol.  I wouldn't trade this for the world.  Even when I feel literally drained, just seeing how incredibly happy and healthy she is rejuvenates and blesses me like nothing else! 

I hope that by sharing this post, moms that are "still" breastfeeding will be able to relate, and hopefully get a smile or giggle from it too.  I hope that this may also help others realize that full-term nursing isn't just something done by "natives" or "hippies" (terms I've actually heard people use to describe people who nurse beyond a year, ugh)!  It isn't something we do just for the sake of being weird.  It isn't something that becomes perverted just because your child passes their first birthday.  It is still just as healthy and comforting to them as it was when they were little babies, and we do it just because it is NORMAL.  I hope you enjoy the following quotes, and please feel free to add your own in a comment!  Big thank you to everyone that contributed to this post :-)

My eldest son, who self-weaned at about nearly 3, came into my bedroom about 6 months later while I was dressing. He saw me with no shirt and exclaimed, "THERE'S my boobies!!!"

My 3 year old said," mmm, tastes like HONEY!"

My 21 month old son who is still nursing recently called me "mama cup" while patting my chest.  Also, when i asked him what my milk tasted like, he said "chotat" which I think meant chocolate! Nursing has been such a blessing for us.

My 5yo sister has called nursing "ump" since she was a baby. When she was old enough to talk, we asked her why. She said, "Oh, that's how I used to say bumps when I was little."

My 3 year old tells me all the time he wants to give me booby kisses like sister HayLee does.. :)

I can remember my mother nursing me on demand, and I was at least three, possibly even four. Knowing she was there for me to snuggle up to and comfort nurse was the most... safe... feeling, and it's almost impossible to recreate as an adult. ♥ Thank you, mom.

My 2.5 yr old just weaned 2 months ago. Sitting on the potty the other day she said "I'm a big girl, I go potty, no more Momma's milk for me, bye, bye momma's milk". So sweet....

My daughter is 5; she self weaned at 37 months. The other day as she watched her little brothers nurse, she said to me "I loved mama milk. It was so warm and sweet."

My 3yo son and I were in a fabric store and when I picked him up, he put his hand on my breast and said, "I like your boob. I like your milk. I like you."

My son when he was just over 2-ish, would go up to strangers who had a young crying baby and tell them "that baby need boob. give that baby boob." lol

My daughter called it "her sleepy drink" one night...that made me remember how comforting it was to her to nurse to sleep.

My, at the time, almost 3 yo son was nursing and he pulled off my breast, he looked at me and said I want booby. I am thinking you were just having that. He says with great expression "The Big Booby right there". He meant the one he hadn't already deflated. He would constantly tell me that he loves booby and he still

Morgan talks about it all the time, lol. She says "Your milkies taste like ice-cream, Ethan and Abby are lucky".

This morning my 3 yrs & 5 mths old daughter spontaneously said to me " Mummy, I like to kiss you sooo much and I like your milky all the time because I love you soooo much."

"Mom if i knew the milk would go away if i stopped, i would have never stopped!" my son nursed until he was 4, and apparently would have nursed longer had he known he was in charge of the milk supply.

Awhile back my 4 y/o daughter took my bra and smelled it (LOL). I asked her what she was doing and she said, "This smells like your milk and I miss nursing." Unfortunately our bf'ing journey came to a short end, but I'm still nursing my 19 month old and there is no sight of him self-weaning :)

According to my 2 year old, my milk tastes like chocolate milk!

My 2.5 y/o daughter says "mommy milk tastes like ice cream". We also goof around with each other and I will say "my boobies" and she responds "No, my boobies!"

My 3yo (then 2.5), who was planning to tandem nurse, would tell me when I was pregnant, "I have to SHARE the breastmilk. First the baby, then me."

I'm tandem nursing my 23 month old and newborn. The 23 month old doesn't say many quotable things yet but if the baby starts to cry she says "baby nine" (her version of nurse).  She'll also try to wake the baby because she knows if I'm nursing the baby I'll probably let her nurse. 

Sometimes when I am nursing JoAnna (18 months), her older brother asks if he can try again...just to see what's it like. I asked him if he remembers what it was like. (He is 10 now). Nope, he don't remember breast feeding, well, he remembers doing it, but not the taste. He acts like he misses it and so he lays down beside me while I nurse JoAnna. He has always been very close to me. I had nursed Jay for 2 1/2 years. He would be still nursing today if I would let him. LOL

Daniel says ''boobie is my best friend'' he hugs my boobie, then latches on. It's so cute, he also says he want to go booby night night. 

Elyse still is mainly talking in one-two word sentences but she has patted my boob before and said "love".  When I was going through some hormonal pain while nursing and I explained how mommy needed a break she said "boo boos" and kissed my breast.  Yesterday she was at the doctor's office and there were a lot of newborns there.  She was pointing them out to my husband and telling him how the babies need "bubbas" (her word for nursing).  She was also saying, "milk milk, yum" with a big smile on her face.

My daughter used to call it "Yummy juice", but now she only wants me to nurse her baby brother, because, you know, she can eat pizza and stuff. ;)

Sophie has always said such sweet things about it, both when she was still nursing, and now that she has weaned.  :)  Some of my favorites:  "I want milk.  I love your milk.", "I love your boobies.  They smell like honey!"  After latching on for a moment recently:  "I'm done nursing!" and walking off happily!
Regarding Cherise:  "She needs you to nurse her!"  "Aww Sewise!  You having your milk??  It's yummy!" 

Just this morning, my 3yo said, "Mamma, is the baby sister in your belly having mommy milk yet?" "Not yet, honey." "Kai (my 1.5yo) and I love your mommy milk. But, I'm not a baby anymore. So, I'll share mine with baby sister and then when she's asleep I'll drink the rest all up."

My two year old in the morning (he was recently night weaned): "Is the milk still sleeping?" He also often says, "The milk was yummy" after nursing. If he gets hurt, "I want some milk to make me feel better."


Our Sentiments said...

What a wonderful post. I too am in the middle of writting about what it means for K2 to remember nursing. If you would like I can send you the link.

For all the Moms who contributed thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. I commend you on this exciting and powerful journey. Wonderful just wonderful, you all broke a tear to my eyes.

Lauren said...

I love this! :)

Flowerchild said...

Great! I loved it! It makes me sad that my son is starting to wean himself. :( I hope he stays nursing a little bit longer (he's 16mo).

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

loved this post too and the cute comments.
I am still nursing my 3.5 yr old twins , though only only twice a day.

I don't know anyone is real life still nursing a 3yr old (or two) but thanks to the wonder of the internet I do =)

ELuben said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks to all of you for sharing your comments and amazing pictures!

Erin said...

Great post :) I'm currently nursing my 2 year old and can totally relate to the "jungle gym / vending machine" comment ... lol. This little guy just loves his "Mama Juice," as he calls it.

jennifer said...

this is beautiful,hopefully it will help people realise breastfeeding beyond a year is not a chore..not done solely for health benefits.
i feel so blessed that i have fed my four children into toddlerhood.
im currently feeding my almost 3yr old and we also have playful 'arguments' about whose milkies they are.
your post rocks :+) xx

Sausage Mama said...

I loved reading this. I am still nursing SB at 16 months and when he wants to feed, he no longer signs for milk or pulls at my top, he waves 'hello' at the boob he wants. Soon after, he waves 'goodbye' and I have to put it away before we waves 'hello' to the other boob.

Yesterday, I was engorged and offered it to him and he waved goodbye - not interested. He's growing up but I hope I can tandem feed. We feed to sleep and it's so divine. I can't imagine not being able to nurse and I'm so pleased to now be surrounded by like minded friends, both in real life and on the net. Cheers Rachele.

Danielle said...

Awww this is beautiful..thank you!

Kristine said...

I recently asked my 3 y.o. boy (who is still nursing along with his 7 month old sister) "What do mommies do?" he replied "mommies have breasts"

Kari said...

Great post!

I do consider myself kinda "hippie" but that's okay. ;)

I just realized that I don't have nursing pictures. I'm usually the one with the camera in our household and there is quite a lack of photos of me in general, but definitely nursing.

Right now my 21 month old is in the gymnastics phase and thinks it's hilarious to move around while getting her "milks".

I love how just a few minutes of nursing can stop tears, fill a tummy, or help her relax enough to sleep.

I hate how last night I was up every hour (poor thing is teething and nursing a lot!), but I remember that this will pass far too quickly like it did with her older brother and sister and in no time at all I'll turn around and my little girl will be big.

I love your message to appreciate these times because they do fly by oh so quickly!

Whoz Your Doula said...

Wonderful. I really enjoyed my 8yrs of nursing my last three. It doesn't seem like it will never end when you are in the moment but, once it's over you wish it would have never ended. I know I feel that way anyway.

Rebekah said...

While reading this my almost three year old that still nurses- looked at the picture of the girl nursing with one eye closed, and said, "That's me, I'm having milk."
After her sister was born seven months ago, they nursed together less than a hour after birth. I think this helped her to bond with her baby sister and I have not had any jealousy issues. The only thing that was a problem in the first couple weeks was when her baby sister would nurse on "her side". My two year old would burst into tears "That's my side!"

Melissa said...

This is a precious blog! I will recommend it to all woman. It has been four years, but I nursed for 3 years and it was wonderful. My son remembers it as "Nunu"! It was a special time and I felt so empowered. Can't wait to have more babies and do it all over again.

Ashley said...

This made me cry. I had to stop breastfeeding at 9 months. I miss it so much. I wanted to go until 2 years! :''[

Christina said...

That is a really sweet post! Makes me anxious for my little one to start he can say such sweet things about his "chi-chis". LOL

Christina said...

How sweet! Makes me anxious for my little one to start talking so he can say such sweet things about his "chi-chi's". LOL

Jill said...

I LOVE THIS! It is so heartwarming! :)

tinnekke said...

I nursed my son until he was four, when he self-weaned. He is 9 now, and he misses nursing but he knows they dried up and there is no milk. He will still ask to "snuggle the side" when he is feeling stressed or overwhelmed or just having a hard time settling down. He loves the smell and feel.

Mandi said...

This is was so cute. Your blog is awesome, can I add a link to mine? My husband was nursed until self-weaned, and loved it! He is such a loving, caring person! I'm nursing our 9 month old and loving it!

On Christmas Eve in Finland on the news they showed women bathing with their babies and toddlers in sauna and they all were nursing. They even interviewed one mother nude with her toddler nursing. It was so cute! It's important what media shows!

kathie_l_21 said...

My son is also a Jay and is almost 10. When reading your comment I think and he does often come and sit next to me when I nurse. He has even tried pumped BM. It was funny...his sister who is getting ready to turn 8 said it was nasty and he told her that it was the best milk he had ever tasted and asked me if he could have more. I was shocked. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I loved this!
The pictures made it all the more special!

Brandi said...

This is so touching to me! With my first two boys I was really pushed/encouraged to stop nursing around the 1 year mark. My third little guy is almost 14 months and we're still on this special journey. I love the fact that I'm the only one who can give him the love and comfort that he needs. And I love you moms who aren't worried about what other people think, you care more about your children. So special! Thankyou =)

The Kandles said...

This was so good to read. My 21 month old daughter is nursing once or twice a day, we had started to cut back as I was exhausted by growing her little sibling. I was just realizing this week however that I don't want this relationship she and I have to end. The sweetest thing Trixee did when she was learning to sign was getting into position beside me in bed when she was around 10 months old and before rolling towards me for "booby time" she signed "thank you"! I told her she had earned unlimited privileges then. She now always signs "thank you" when she is done nursing, it is truly precious!

heidi said...

i am having so many bfing problems right now. i have a wound on my nipple that wont heal, raynaud's, and a yeast infection for 2 months now. im still nursing my 21 month old and everyone tells me to wean. this truly inspired me to know that i am not alone or crazy for not wanting to wean. thank you for this post!

Jessica Manzano said...

Such a beautiful, uplifting post. Just last night my father came to watch my son, who is now 2 1/2 years old, while my husband and I went to dinner for our 6 year anniversary. I nursed him before we left, yet still as I was walking out the door, he turned to my father and said softly, "Papa... I want more nursie." My father replied "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I can't nurse you." to which my son responded, "Yes, I know this, it's because you don't have any boobs!"

I laughed my little heart at standing at the front door. :)

newincs said...

I loved this blog post! My 2.5 year old calls all food "Owie".. No I don't know where that came from. Perhaps we threatened him with an Owie if he didn't get out of the kitchen.. who knows. He calls my breasts "owie" too. When my infant cries I am ordered to give the baby "Owie" (Explain that one in public!!):) I foolishly let a job come between me and my now 2 year old and our nursing journey when he was 9 months old. Hubby and I have firmly decided that the new baby will nurse until 2 years and beyond if that is something he wants to do. I have even quit my job to stay home and nurse. Occasionally my 2 year old comes up and asks for "Owies". I allow him to try but sadly he doesn't remember how. I would adore information on re-teaching him. Both boys were nursing within five minutes of birth, even before the umbilical cord was cut! :) I wold love to restart my 2 year old's journey but I believe it is an opportunity forever lost. It has been his ONE jealousy outlet with his younger brother. Brother gets Momma Milk and he doesn't. :( He will come up and put his mouth on my breast and look up at me with these confused eyes. He wants to do it, I think he remembers doing it, he just doesn't remember how to make it work. ;(

Mommy Moo said...

Great post, I have a 13 month old son who has just yesterday slept the whole night and I was so excited to share the news with my friends and family, only to be met with "great, you can stop nursing now"...I didn't think one necessarily went with the other. I have been back to work for months and I will continue to nurse as long as I can, its sometimes the only quiet time we get during our busy days.

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