Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why choose a midwife?

Great video!  I think this pretty much speaks for itself.  Discuss!


Anonymous said...

You can actually change the size of the embedded video. Edit the post and choose the tab "Edit Html" and you'll see the words that you've written, plus the script that is part of the embedded video (it will have a lot of < and > and say youtube and have other html codes). Towards the end of the script it will say "allowfullscreen" and then give a width and height. All you have to do to make the video fit on your blog is to change the width to smaller (and the height to match). This will probably work, but you may want it a tad smaller: width="420" height="255"


Rebekah Costello said...

I must agree that it's a great video. I think it focuses on some of the most important arguments surrounding this issue. I absolutely love that the comment was made that choosing homebirth is a choice couples make based on safety NOT on having candles and rose-petals. I've heard that argument thrown at the ncb community so many times and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that there are people running around out there with that patronizing, insulting attitude.

I think the professor has it right: the lawmakers the country over are caught up between turf wars and safety concerns. I would only add that as the Data that has been coming in for more than 30yrs has always unquestionably supported homebirth as a reasonable and even optimal choice, turf wars is more the crux of the issue, save, of course, the sad lack of birth education that American women have as a whole. Because current policies are largely based on monetary concerns (oh yes, I went there!) the only way to push push push for a change is if the consumers, I.E women and their partners, push for change, demand it and REFUSE to settle for anything less. That is not going to happen without people like you shouting the truth from the rooftops. So, I applaud you and I love your blog!

Christie Lanning said...

When I had my son in March of 2008, it was ILLEGAL to home birth. Using a midwife was a felony. Thankfully, that's been reversed (as of summer 2008). I was angry at not being able to choose the way I wanted to have my son. I'm glad for women who get to choose this now, as it does seem the best thing to do if you have a low risk pregnancy. Doctors seem to want to induce, speed labor up, cut you open, etc. far too often. What people tend to forget is doctors have their own agenda and they need to do research of their own.....

Amber said...

christie, where do you live that homebirth was illegal? thats crazy!

I've seen this movie before, it is wonderful. I wish someone would have told me that having an epidural was going to increase my chances of having a c-section (i did ) I wish I was more informed when I was pregnant. Next time around, I am hoping things will be different

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