Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on Old Country Buffet: News story released

Here's a news report on the incident (LINK)

Nice try on their part, trying to cover their bums.  Obviously the dad would not have needed to say anything to them if they had been leaving the mom alone!  Many of the comments on the article are really unfortunate, UGH.


Kellieandkids said...

Ridiculous and stupid response. If OCB hadn't been violating that mom's rights, there wouldn't have been any loud voices. What a bunch of moron's.

osodemadre said...

So because the police don't deal with breastfeeding mothers regularly it's okay for them to be ignorant about the law?

That's basically what the lady said. However, as a citizen when we admit to not knowing something about the law we are told that "ignorance" is not an excuse.

This whole ordeal is ridiculous and is one of the many things that keeps breastfeeding mothers in the fight for their rights as well as their infants most basic right to eat.

Danielle said...

This is jaw dropping. In the state of MA, anyone that tries to interfere with the breastfeeding mother is subject to a fine. Why is nothing happening to the restaurant AND the police officers for not enforcing the law correctly?? It's disgusting.

Angela said...

"So because the police don't deal with breastfeeding mothers regularly it's okay for them to be ignorant about the law?"

This is a very good point. This whole situation is completely asinine. If he had just randomly started "yelling" at the waitstaff or just yelling in general, by all means ask him to leave! I wouldnt want to hear yelling and screaming while I am eating. But he would have not been "yelling" had they not asked them to leave.

mystic_eye said...

I think the police were between a rock and a hard place.

The law says that women have the right to nurse anywhere that they and the baby are allowed to be, however it doesn't make it a crime to not allow a woman to nurse, to ask her to cover up, etc.

The law is also clear, in most places, that once a business asks you to leave you are trespassing and the police are therefore required to at the very least remove you from the property. There are also usually laws against causing a disturbance. Of course its only reasonable to be yelling if you've been pushed so far -but the police are still at least going to remove you.

HOWEVER I believe that they were leaving when the police show up, at which point the police (if allowed by state law) should have just asked to see ID and let them go. Lecturing the mom, which is what some stories have indicated, is clearly out of line. If they had lectured dad on language/volume in public then I would be more understanding of what they did

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