Monday, April 19, 2010

Breastmilk, Oat, and Honey Lotion

A big thank you to Molly Thomas on Facebook for sharing her recipe and photos!  If you try this, we'd love to hear how it worked for you :-)

You will need:
3 tablespoons of oats (prefer organic)
150ml water
150 ml breast milk (if you cant express 150ml just make up the fluid to 300ml with water)
2 tsp Bees wax pellets
6 tsp Emulsifying wax
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil OR vitamin e oil
12 drops of camomile oil
2 tsp vitamin c powder (crushed supplement pills will be fine,it's just a preservative)
1 tsp honey.
Two pans
Measuring spoons
Clean jar/tub to store cream in with airtight lid.
Muslin Square.

(click on any photo below to enlarge and see detail)

Directions: Put oats into a pan with water; boil up until water starts to turn milky and thick. Turn heat off, add milk then set oats to drain in a muslin. 

When cool enough to handle, give the muslin a really good squish and mush to get all of the sticky liquid out- I found that using the back of a spoon to scrape the gloop from the outside of the muslin helped.

Add vit’ c powder. Set oaty milky fluid to one side.

Melt in a clean pan 2 tsp of bees wax and 6tsp of emulsifying wax. 

When melted, add the almond/vit e oil and also add the camomile oil. This must be done on a really low heat.

While this is melting, re-heat the milky oaty gloop do not simmer or boil just warm through nicely.

Keep both pans on a warm heat and pour a very small amount of the liquid into the oil. Whisk as if your life depends on it. Keep doing this until you have no liquid left. Add the honey.

The honey makes the lumpy gooey mixture go really runny. KEEP whisking. When most of the lumps have gone and the mix is shiny and thick pour mix into your clean tub and allow to cool.

I found at some points during this the mixture went from smelling sweet to sickly to sweet, the end product is a sweet scent of honey, oats and almost newborn baby breath smell.

You will be left with a very thick cream that goes a long way, I found that I had some little lumps of bees wax left in mine but they melted at body temp and glided nicely onto my skin. The cream is non-greasy and super moisturising. Store in the fridge.


Anonymous said...

how long will this keep in the fridge?

Shanna7313 said...

holy awesomness! I need to get ingredients and make this before DH gets home, otherwise he'll think I've gone nuts.

natasha said...

Would this cream be safe for baby?? Also, same as previous comment.. how long do you think it would last for in fridge? and in jar at room temp?

molly thomas said...

Hiya, i made the cream and believe it to be totally safe for baby. i imagine that it would keep in the fridge for about two weeks. obviously if it starts to smell bad dont use it. i wouldnt keep it in a jar at room temp because its made with breast milk.

megan said...

Like Molly said, it needs to be in the fridge. I make lotions all the time and the only way to keep it at room temp is if there is no water in it or you use a mild fungicide which would IMO defeats the purpose I make lotions for, to get away from all the chemicals. B/c it has water and breastmilk, it would grow like crazy if it got just a little bit of bacteria in it. To make it last longer make sure you have freshly washed hands when ever you use it or use clean kitchen utensil to scoop some out so you don't double dip.
You could use this on a baby if you stick with the chamomile oil, most other oils are to potent for baby's skin. I have never use emulsifying wax so I don't know what is in it, but if it contains petroleum I wouldn't use that on baby either, petroleum/parabens are carcinogenic and dry the skin out in the long term. That's how your regular lotions keep you coming back for more.
I use the blender to mix all my lotions, just make sure to cool the oils some before you blend, it gets a rich creamy lump free lotion every time. I use wide mouth mason jars for containers.

Amber said...

Interesting! What skin types would this be good for? I'm really prone to break out right now and have to be super careful!

I'm also wondering if it's possible for me to express that much milk! My little guy is 27 months.

Outspoken Tomato said...

Wish I was still lactating so I could make this! :oD

Bryony said...

If only you were all closer - I'd happily donate my milk :)

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