Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Lisa: FU from WU (and "Dear Lactivists 2")

According to Lisa from the Russ and Lisa Show, breastfeeding mothers need to take their hippie granola nonsense to the bathroom.  

Maybe you've heard about this piece of work online already, but for those who haven't, here is a transcript thanks to "Code Name: Mama" from the broadcast about seeing a mother discreetly nursing in a Chick-Fil-A, and how Lisa felt about it.  And here are a few excerpts if you're not up for reading the whole thing.  Try not to have a stroke.

"Could she not have done this in the car? I mean, she was on the way here, couldn’t she have, you know, while they were driving there, just breastfeed the baby?”

(Yeah, breastfeeding in a moving car is a brilliant idea  >.< )

"I hate it. I just don’t understand why in a public place you want to – and she was covered by the baby’s head, you know her shirt was partially – I just, to me it was sorta just in such bad taste"

(Even nursing covered isn't enough for Lisa.  I guess we should all just hole up in our homes until our children are off the boob.  Lisa, your face offends me.  Go home)

"You know you could have sat there for five or ten or however many minutes it takes to do so in the privacy of your vehicle. And then I thought also, it is 100 dadgum degrees."

(Who needs Chick-Fil-A when you can have fried baby?)

"Why is this not indecent exposure? And I don’t mean that she had her breast out and that you could really see it, but it was just I don’t know, it sorta made me, well I was gonna say lose my appetite but I won’t go that far."

(You, lose your appetite?  Of course not!)

"I think you should be discreet and stay at home"

(I think you should STFU and eat yer damn chicken!)

"And I think there should be indecency laws about that, because I don’t want to see it in a public place.  You know go to the ladies room, go somewhere, go to your car, pump your breastmilk, but I don’t want to see it in public, sorry."

(*headdesk* times infinity)

"It’s just bad manners as far as I’m concerned to hike your blouse up and have a baby’s head underneath, even if you’re not exposing yourself."

(I think it's bad manners to nosh on some fast food but expect an infant to be denied HEALTHY food)

"I don’t see anything wrong with going into a restroom if you don’t see a specific nursing area and sitting on the toilet seat. If you gotta do it I guess you gotta do it. But to me there’s just no excuse for not being prepared enough to have nursed your baby before you left, in an emergency situation having some prepared bottles or something ready to go. I just find it objectionable."

(I think I may have developed a stress-related eye twitch now.  Thanks Lisa)

(There was more, including Lisa’s opinion that even covering up the baby with a blanket it not “discreet” enough – she wants it to be completely out of her sight.  She went on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea)

During another show, she was getting call ins about it and lots of response on their facebook.  Lisa dug herself a deeper hole (emphasis mine): 

"If you decide to go to McDonalds today, pump yourself and take it with you, that's all I'm saying. Sit in the car. Have the air conditioning on. Listen to Rush Limbaugh. And breastfeed" 

"She was being very discreet. I saw nothing. Didn't even know she was doing so until after she had started, you know I just dont see why you would want to expose yourself to any sort of attention like that in public. There is a time and place for everything and quite frankly a fast food place is not the time for it. Just my opinion."

"An email from Holly: Lisa you're my hero. I 100% agree with you. Those kind of women are freakin nuts (Lisa laughs). They need to take their HIPPY GRANOLA NONSENSE TO THE BATHROOM (more laughing), cuz I don't want to see it. Stay strong Lisa, PS; Lactating Loonies is the funniest thing I've heard all year long on the air.

Holly, thank you, I really don't mean to be a name caller. But you know, when I've been taken on like I have been by this throng, this COVEN, you know, of WITCHES behavior, you know I just can't believe. Just because we disagree, you know"


Before you ask, YES, people are organizing peaceful nurse-ins in response to this.  Drop by their facebook page here for info.  You can also write a letter to the program director and even to Lisa herself and use this example if you wish.  The actual broadcasts of this show used to be online, but the station has taken them down.  I heard much of it live myself, and she truly is as awful as the quotes make her sound, and then some.  It is incredibly saddening that people like her have the public's ear.  I sincerely hope that no women were listening to her and were impacted in a way that would harm their current or future breastfeeding.  Imagine a new mom staying shut in her home for fear of bitches like Lisa, or maybe even never nursing at all!

Here is a piece from one of my readers, written as a satire like the original "Dear Lactivist":

"Dear Lactivists 2" by Michelle Hottya

Dear Lactivists,

I’m writing to you again because I don’t think you got the message from my last letter, when I tried to explain how my children are just fine for not being breastfed. Because this week, you had the audacity to attack me for my innocent and true remarks about breastfeeding in fast food establishments. 

Let me explain this again: I think breastfeeding where people can see, with their own eyes, that a baby is latched onto your breast and sucking on it, is disgusting and distasteful. You don’t have any shame, do you, Lactivists? Because I see you everywhere, with your babies peeking out at me from under your shirts, threatening with every twitch of their head to release, turn around and let your hanging breast show itself to the whole world. Not that I’ve ever seen that happen, of course – but it COULD.

Lactivists, do you think everyone in the world wants to be imagining what is going on under your shirt? Or even under that thin little blanket or cover-up? Even if I can’t see it, I can hear it. All that slurping, swallowing, humming and babbling is so distracting while I’m just trying to eat my fried chicken in peace. I can’t enjoy my meal if that little (and sometimes not little) child is so obviously enjoying his. GROSS!

And then when I said something about it, innocently just expressing my opinion and hoping to get the public to condemn your indiscreet behavior, you had the nerve to tell your friends! People who weren’t even in the restaurant at the time! How dare you! Now I have people sending me emails and calling me on the phone to say that I am uptight and mean to mothers and babies. I am not mean or uptight – I just think that if you’re going to breastfeed, you should do it at home or in your car on your way to the restaurant. Or just stay home all the time. If you really have to go out, you should just pump your breastmilk and put it in a bottle. 

That’s another thing – I don’t buy all this talk that it’s not so easy as pumping and carrying a bottle. I mean, what does that really take? Isn’t it just like milking a cow? Where you hook up the machine and out comes gallons and gallons? You say you can’t pump much but your baby gets enough? If you can’t pump it out, you must be doing something you’re not telling us, like feeding him straight butter, because look at those huge thighs he has. I fed my kids solids by three months – don’t try to make me believe you don’t give any food before six months! What a crock!

I’m starting to think this is a conspiracy by a bunch of crackpots that go around to fast-food restaurants, or museums, or swimming pools, or churches (for heaven’s sake!) to nurse babies out in the open just to get all the rest of polite society all riled up for your uncouth behavior. Then you all show up in droves to protest when someone calls you out on it. You Lactivists must all be a pack of liberals – I know this because every time there is an “issue,” all the lefties show up with signs and get themselves arrested just to get on the news. 

I feel really sorry for you all, I really do. You don’t realize what you’re teaching your children. Well, as long as we have the First Amendment, I guess you have as much right to say your opinion as I do mine, but don’t you dare show up with insults and name-calling because I will sic my minions on you and out-chant, out-protest, out-misspell and out-argue you with as many non-sequiturs and red herrings as we can devise. You’ll regret it, you will.

Just Another Opinionated Radio-Host Mom  


Nicole Montgomery said...

Huge Follower of the blog ;) I have been waiting for you, or one of the "mommy-blogs" I read to blog ab this.

A good friend started a "blog protest" w/ a blog hop. You can find the information here:

We would love for you to add your post.

Also, here is my blog about the radio show. It really was disheartening:

shari said...

I spent quite a few hours writing Lisa the anti-lactivist emails regarding her rant, which I did listen to in its entirety online prior to it being pulled. No surprise that I did not hear back from her. Also, the fact that her co-host was of the opposite opinion seemed to bother her not, nor get her off her soapbox. She, of course, did not BF her own children, and I cannot judge her for that...well, I wouldn't have before this rant.....just trying to keep it real...

Laura Watton said...

Isnt what she broadcast illegal? I know in the Uk Broadcasters have to be reall carfull about what they say about breastfeeding - The government is trying to promote it not demote it so anything that is said in the public sphere needs to be balanced and factual.

jen said...

ok, i'm trying to be objective and kind, but OMGs! that made me snort and the letter...i'd be willing to c&p that one to ms. idontlikemyownbodysoi'lljustharangueothersabouttheirs.

i blogged a bit about nip, too. read me here:

Nic said...

Wow, it seems to me that ignorance and uneducated on the facts of pumping, is huge. As a proud breastfeeding mother I was never able to pump, so therefore, I could have not brought my bottled milk even if i wanted to. Seriously disgusted by her ignorance! -Nic

newincs said...

I hate also that Lisa said that she didn't even realize the woman was breastfeeding until her daughter noticed and pointed it out "because she knows how much I hate that". Not only did she not notice it until it was pointed out to her (shows how obvious it was) but she is teaching her daughter this mess :( There is a boycott page as well as the peaceful nurse in page. We are boycotting the station as of now. Without proper responses that boycott will raise to include entercom and possibly some of her affiliates and sponsors. We are on facebook too. :) 300 members strong and counting :)

Anonymous said...

This woman is offensive, but that goes without saying. I just had to add how MUCH I hate it when people use the word 'Witches' as an insult. I know she meant it as a replacement for bitches, but as a Pagan and Witch it offends me to no end. Bleh.... someone needs to revoke her right to speak:(

Anonymous said...

This woman is offensive, but that goes without saying. I just had to add how MUCH I hate it when people use the word 'Witches' as an insult. I know she meant it as a replacement for bitches, but as a Pagan and Witch it offends me to no end. Bleh.... someone needs to revoke her right to speak:(

Kathy said...

Here's an honest fact- whenever we go out to eat, if I look around and see severely obese people, especially if they're putting food into their mouths or chewing, I can't finish my food. It's like my throat closes up. But I would never in a million years, publicly criticize someone for that, or rant and rave about how they need to stay home. I realize it's my hangup. I just try to look down or face out the window.

craphead said...

I agree that this woman is very, very wrong. She is quite opinionated about something she obviously knows very little about. She is so wrong and out there that I'm not sure she is deserving of attention at all.

But, I also have to say that as a fat, extended breastfeeding mom, I do NOT appreciate the comment about her not losing her appetite. I think that was uncalled for.

I mean, if this woman's comments get us so upset that we resort to name-calling or attacking her body, looks, weight, (all things that most people would NOT do if it were a man making this comment) then we are only stooping to her level.

craphead said...

Wow, are you serious, Kathy? I don't know whether to laugh or cry or bang my head on the desk.

But now I guess I know what I need to add to my list of goals to be the Nightmare Airline Passenger: a fat breastfeeding woman with two kids and a traveling dog, who is eating a meal on the airplane. Everyone will cower in fear, I guarantee it. Bwhahahahaa.

JoAnna said...

This person is so insanely stupid and asinine that there is really no need to try to ramp up the insulting by calling her fat. I mean, maybe she is fat (I have no idea), but wtf does that have to do with anything? I'm fat and I still breastfeed in public, so I can tell you that fat does not make someone automatically an asshole about NIP. Can't we focus on what she SAID instead of on how she LOOKS?

JoAnna said...

Case in point... bringing *fat* into it opens the door for scumbags like Kathy to post about how the size of a persons body makes her sick.

"Here's an honest fact- whenever we go out to eat, if I look around and see severely obese people, especially if they're putting food into their mouths or chewing, I can't finish my food. It's like my throat closes up. But I would never in a million years, publicly criticize someone for that, or rant and rave about how they need to stay home. I realize it's my hangup. I just try to look down or face out the window."

Anonymous said...

Was the "Dear lactivists" letter real or an imagined response? I must know!If it was real how horrifying but i guess i should expect no less, she is seriously out of touch.

craphead said...

OK, I don't think calling Kathy a scumbag is OK either.

Can't people just disagree without calling names? Can't we just attack arguments and not people? And Kathy admitted it is her issue. I don't agree, I don't get it, but I wouldn't dream of calling her a name because of it.

I guess I shouldn't worry so much about my kids calling each other names because apparently everyone else does it?? I just don't get it, but maybe it's because of being called names for being fat as a kid.

JustALittleBit_Me said...

To Anonymous: the "Dear Lactivists" letter is a fictional work that I made up -- but not that far off considering the follow-up comments Lisa made on her morning show broadcasts in the days following the rant.

Mary said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say in response to her. Ignorance is not bliss it's just sad.

Anonymous said...

This is the exact attitude which made public breast feeding very difficult for me. I think it is awful how every women is told it is the best thing to do for her baby and then treated like she has a rare disease if she tries to feed her baby outside her home. Have you ever tried to feed a baby on a public toilet?? NOT EASY!!! I am so glad mine are older and past that stage...people made this hard, and don't get me started on co-workers and pumping while at work!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even form any intelligent, coherent, non-offensive words to explain my disdain for these ignorant women.
I was asked to cover up or go somewhere private like the bathroom while waiting to talk to the LC at the WIC office about working with her while I'm getting certified. IRONANY CITY!!!
People like her make me want to offer my 23 month old some Mama Milk in ever public place we go where we can sit. Hell, I'll nurse her in my mei tai OVER THE TOP OF MY SHIRT. I wonder what Lisa would have said if the mom in Chick Fil A was nursing in a sling! mwahahahahaha

pinky said...

I spent 10 months in loads of bathrooms. If you are in the bathroom you get complaints about holding up a stall to feed that kid! So you can't win. Why this woman has an opinion, I don't know? There are plenty of other things to get offended by.

Anonymous said...

Geez, there's ignorant, and then there is this woman. She makes me want to BF my toddler right in front of her....just for the reaction.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say. WHEN will breastfeeding in this country be normalized? This is such a load of crap!

Anonymous' statement above is *exactly* what I fear will happen--mothers will read/listen to this junk, and it will make them weary of breastfeeding, not only in public, but in general (because, after all, you CANNOT schedule a breastfed baby's feedings).

I whip it out anytime, anyplace, sometimes I am less discreet than others. If people stare, I just look right back at them.

♥ Sarah @ FFP ♥ said...

Wow, that woman's ignorance is almost baffling. Almost. Her poor kids :(

I just wanted to let you know I have an award waiting for you at my blog. Enjoy! ^_^

Maegan said...

In case people aren't aware, Landover Baptist is a satire/parody site. I myself am Christian, but still manage to find humor in their "sermons". ...Here is one Lisa might enjoy!

Nicole Montgomery said...

You have been nominated for a blog award! :D Go here to see:

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