Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mama Baby Haiti

I know that birth is a topic very important to myself and many of you.  We often talk about how bad we have it here in America, but we certainly aren't the only ones.  The maternal, fetal, and neonatal death rate in Haiti is the highest in the western hemisphere, and an amazing group of midwives and naturopathic doctors are working to help change that.  

Right now, they are working to build a Birth Center in Haiti.  An auction is going to be held at the North Portland Andaluz Birth Center in Portland Oregon on August 21st.  If you are a business owner, crafter, artist, etc., and would like to donate an item to their auction to help raise funds for their cause, please email Veronica at kandrinchae@hotmail.com with the subject line as "Donation" or "Mama Baby Haiti".  If you do so, please also contact me on my personal facebook (here) with the details so I can link to your website in a future post as a thank you to all of my readers who donate.  Hopefully I'll also have details on how the auction went!  These moms and babies really deserve this.

Check out the Mama Baby Haiti website for more details about who they are and what they do:  http://www.mamababyhaiti.org/


Dara said...

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

Penny Auction Online said...

I am an auction lover. So every news related to the auction makes me very happy. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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