Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Happening!

My little dream is becoming a reality!  Many amazing people have pitched in.  Lauren Jenks of K.N.O.W. created a Saving Penises website and jumped right on board when I brought up the idea of a benefit auction.  Then many great crafters, WAHM's, and businesses generously pitched in to donate their items!

There are an average of 15 requests for the information packs every week, each one costing $13 to produce and ship.  Anyone can donate to the cause at any time, or even join the Buck-a-Month Club to make regular contributions, but more help is needed!  The info packs have been extremely effective at educating parents.  *Every* family that has actually looked over the information has chosen to keep their child intact.  You can read some of the touching testimonies here.

The auction will run from Thursday June 17th to Thursday June 24th, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Saving Penises.

Between Danelle of Peaceful Parenting, Lauren of K.N.O.W, and myself, this intactivist effort spans the U.S.  I hope that with this auction, the support will come from all over the globe.  This is your chance to donate to an important cause AND get something really cool in return :-)

Click here to visit the auction and see all the awesomeness available!

Please tell your friends.  Although you may not want them to outbid you, lol, competition is healthy for the cause.

An important note if you bid:  please add the auction's email address to your contacts.  If you're the winning bidder, we need to be able to reach you without it ending up in your spam!  If we don't hear back from you within 3 days, the item will have to go to the next highest bidder.



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