Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Winning Wednesday!

WINNERS: I will be notifying the companies of who you are, so please keep an eye out in your email for a message from them so they can get your shipping address from you!  Be sure to check your spam box too, just in case it ends up there

Please note that if you entered from a country that was specified to NOT be eligible for the giveaway you entered, another winner will be chosen. If you didn’t win, there will be more giveaways coming on Friday, so keep an eye out!  I also linked to each giver’s website below if you’re interested in their amazing stuff.

(any person/company wishing to donate for an up-coming Freebie Friday, please leave me a comment with your email and I’ll write you, or you can contact me via Facebook)

Your size/print choice of Green Line Diaper
The WINNER is:  Katie,

Earrings from Kara's Creations
The WINNER is:  Gretchen,

$20 gift certificate to Little Squigglers
The WINNER is:  Jodi,

Honey Sugar Scrub from Little Nurslings
The WINNER is:  heather m,

Boobie Beanie customized for you
The WINNER is:  Angel,

Your choice of upcycled diaper cover from Nerdtastic Necessities
The WINNER is:  Rebecca,

Your choice of Barefoot Book up to $19.99
The WINNER is:  Denelle,

Breastfeeding pendant from Fyrestorm Creations
The WINNER is:  stephanie,

Penn & Teller DVD from "His body, His choice"
The WINNER is:  Elizabeth,


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