Friday, February 25, 2011

A Very Special Giveaway!

You might know by now how much I love Rachel Coleman and the wonderful work she does with Signing Time and in her life in general.  We are big fans of the series in my family.  Absolutely one of our favorite learning tools ever!  I feel super blessed to be able to share this you.

We have something special for those of you in Oregon and Washington (or those who just love Signing Time enough to take a long drive or a plane, lol!). 

Carissa Martos, Master Signing Time Academy Instructor has teamed up with the Signing Time Foundation to present Emmy Nominated Rachel Coleman live in Portland, Oregon, and YOU can enter to win a pair of tickets (1 adult, 1 child).  There are 4 pairs of tickets to win! 

When: April 2nd @ 1:30 pm

Where: Franklin High School 5405 SE Woodward Street Portland, OR 97206

Please only enter if you'd be close enough to go, or willing/able to make the trip!

TO ENTER:  All you have to do is comment below with your name, email address, and facebook link (if you have one.  This makes it easier for us to contact you, because an email might end up in your spam!). 

Four winners will be randomly chosen about one week before the event.  You will need to respond quickly so we can get your information in time, and your names will be placed on the list so you don't have to worry about printed tickets. 

Good luck!  I am so stinkin excited about this giveaway, lol!  I hope you love it too.

Don't forget to check out Signing Time on Facebook and YouTube!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'd love to go! My name is Christina and email is

Cheri said...

Hey, My little one loves this show!!!
Here's my info
Cheri Baker

Anonymous said...

OH! I want to go! My name is Angie Fender and my email is!

Lumiya said...

I'd love to take my grandson! My name is Twila Scott

Tiffany said... Tif... sorry

Beth C. said...

Id also love to go! My Son loves Signing Time.

Salena said...

My daughter is Deaf and absolutely LOVES Rachel!!!! She probably watches it too much, but she has well over 50 signs!!! My name is Salena and my e-mail is
ugh I can't figure out how to post a link to my Facebook, but I'm a fan of Woman Uncensored and Signing Time! LOL

Anonymous said...

I would love to take my 3 year old daughter!
Beccah Brooks

Or my Facebook link

Jennifer said...

We LOVE Signing Time!! Jennifer Michels -

Robin Y said...

that would be so awesome!!

best maybe with a message through facebook?

Jennifer said...

HI there, I would love to go!/profile.php?id=1584128177

i. said...

I have a little boy who is a huge Signing Time fan AND we are in the Portland area! :) Kristi - inspiraling @ gmail - Thanks for the contest! :)

Lolliegee said...

Oooh, I wanna go to! My name is Sheila and my email is I think this is what you mean when you say Facebook ID:

Thanks so much for the chance! And I love Woman Uncensored!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Laura and my e-mail is

HeatherRea1111 said...

I love signing time! It changed our life!

Heather McDonald

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Signing time! My name is Korin and my email is

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this for my friend whose child is deaf! My name is Claire and my email is

Julianna said...

My son is hearing impaired and has Chirai malformation we have been using Signing Time since birth.
Julianna Northup

Stephanie Tapley said...

I would love this, my daughter isn't picking it up as quick as my son did!

Brittney said...

I would ove to go.. I am a new mom, legally deaf in my left ear, and losing the hearing in the right.

I have wanted my daughter to grow up with signing time..!/profile.php?id=563550669

Brittney Carr

Brittney said...

I would love to go to signing time!

I am a new mom, whom is hearing imparied. I am deaf in my left ear, and am losing my hearing in my right ear. I always wanted my children to grow up with signing time. That way once my hear was completly gone I had a way to comunicate with them. So far my daughter has shown no signs for being born with the same hearing problems as I. :)!/profile.php?id=563550669

Brittney and Aurelia Carr

Anonymous said...



MommaMonster said...

My almost for year old son loves Signing Time!! I hope we win these tickets, another reason to visit beautiful Portland!
Kiel & Owen

Ambra said...

Ambra Williams
floofypoof at gmail dot com

Thanks for this great giveaway!

Katie Sparkles said...

Katie Zuko

Tonya said...

I would love to go with my 2 year old and my sister and her 2 year old. We love signing time! My name is Tonya Melling and my email address is

David said...

Hey my name is Katie I would love to attend my email is and my facebook is

I am a huge fan of Signing Time, when my parents did foster care we used Signing Time with all the kids, it helped a ton with the special needs kids plus its so much fun!

Lisa canche said...

Carissa teaches sign language at my son's preschool Kymberli's Kid's Castle and we love her and the signing time program. It is great that Rachel will be coming to our town :-)

Facebook link?-!/profile.php?id=100000771532249

Erinn said...

I would LOVE to go!!! We love Signing Time!

Erinn Tanguay my email is and my FB is

Anonymous said...

Hi- my name is Silvia Buck.
and my facebook link is:!/profile.php?id=1204234875&sk=wall

Natalie Preti said...

Yay!! She's just a few hours drive from me. Count me in!

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